BioActor B.V are a young and innovative company based in the Netherlands developing high efficacy ingredients at their state of the art facility situated in the Maastricht University Medical Centre and the research school NUTRIM, the expert research group on nutrition and health in the Netherlands. This gives them unrivalled access to scientific expertise and clinical facilities.

BioActor’s product development strategy relies on four simple principles: health effects must be clinically proven, new ingredients must be based on a true scientific discovery, ingredients must be from a natural and renewable source, and all of our products are premium quality, produced in Europe.


An innovative, first-in-class flavobiotic designed to optimize digestive health and enhance immunity. This natural citrus fruit extract directly leverages the gut microbiome’s potential and strengthens the gut barrier


An all-natural citrus sinensis extract designed for high-quality sports nutrition. Clinical studies showed WATTS’UP® improves power through a direct effect on mitochondria.


A unique citrus sinesis extract supporting cardiovascular health through a triple protection of arterial function. Clinical studies showed the beneficial effects of CORDIART® on arterial health by three-way action on the endothelium. CORDIART® has been shown to i) maintain arterial flexibility, ii) reduce plaque formation, and iii) lower arterial inflammation.


An innovative Aronia berry extract designed to enhance cognitive performance and brain fitness. This natural active ingredient is standardized for high levels of cyanidin-3-O-galactoside, a powerful anthocyanin, and clinically validated to improve focus and psychomotor speed. The daily dosage (clinical dose) is only 65mg.

Others include Bonolive®, Olecol®, Actiful® and Naxus®

Others include Bonolive®, Olecol®, Actiful®, and Naxus®