NuLiv Science is a growing team of scientists, innovators, and creatives focused on developing and communicating the power of our patented ingredients.

From humble beginnings starting in 1997, NuLiv Science has grown into a full range ingredient supplier, early-stage developer of nutraceuticals and turnkey service provider to the dietary supplement and cosmeceutical industry.

NuLiv Science’s 20 years of research in AstraGin® and its other proprietary ingredients, mostly comprised of qi herbs, such as Astragalus, leads us to believe the health benefits associated with qi herbs are related to the anabolic and catabolic metabolisms that regulate many basic biological functions in the human body that are manifested in physiological expressions in energy level and sense of wellbeing.


A patented, 100% natural compound that increases absorption of many vital nutrients promoting a healthy gut environment. supports increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients from amino acids, to omega-3s, to creatine, to even CBD. Novel Food approved in the EU and UK for food supplements. Promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.


A stimulant-free, 100% plant-based ingredient to support healthy weight and glucose metabolism. InnoSlim® decreases glucose absorption in the intestine and it does that by reducing an important glucose transporter called SGLT1 and then increases glucose absorption in muscles and fat cells by increasing glucose transport protein GLUT4.


A patented, plant-based sport nutraceutical scientifically validated in human and in-vivo studies to promote more muscle energy and preservation via senescent cell clearance.
Re-energise & Re-generate.

Plus other ingredients including:

Verbasnol™, Astrion™, Zylaria™

Acteolin™, CordycepsPrime™,

ChagaPrime™, ABMPrime™ and much more