Regulatory Support & Advice Consulting

Over the last few years, increasing levels of regulation have been applied to foods, including to food supplements, with the intention being to increase consumer protection and aid consumer to make informed choices through changes in labelling requirements – however this can be difficult to navigate and companies are struggling to understand EFSA and differentiate from competition whilst trying innovate with clarity or understand how to use the on-hold botanical claims.

This is where we can help, i-ingredients provides a Best in Class Regulatory Advice and Support service to companies wanting to partner and utilise this dedicated in-house resource and ensure the are compliant and communicating their products the best way they possibly can.

Our 15+ years of expertise in UK & EU Food & Food Supplement Regulation and Policy ensures we can provide advice and guidance to all.

How can we help

In line with the latest guidance and best practices – we can provide you with comprehensive label and advertising reviews to ensure your packs are approved.

Ensuring your products are compliant to the UK rules and would not face any recalls or challenges and sharing with you where there are risks.

If you need help registering your food supplement product in the UK or help with getting on line on Amazon – we can help.

Keeping updated with the external environment and the latest regulation and legislative guidance available which might impact your products and their formulations.

We want your business to succeed

Amazon Compliance

We can provide independent regulatory statements of compliance when needed for Amazon product compliance requests.

Challenge resolution and management is also something we can support on.

Regulatory Advice can range from a simple label check or phone call to check a certain ingredient’s compliance – to full service on-going regulatory support to businesses for all aspects of compliance. 

Get in-touch to see how we can support and provide you peace of mind.