ROELMI HPC is an Italian company focused on the design, development and manufacturing of top- quality active ingredients for nutraceutical applications. By developing only low-impact philosophies, ROELMI HPC offers innovative technologies and customised solutions, aimed at reaching the highest level of quality, controlling the effective activity and respecting customers’ safety.
With precise knowledge based on a constellation of experts, ROELMI HPC method is the refresh approach for a global activity in the Health & Personal Care market.

All our product lines and technologies are following the program “NO IMPACT IN PROGRESS® (NIP)” based on Quality and Efficacy, focusing on both People safety and Environmental preservation.


ExceptionHYAL® Relief, ExceptionHYAL® Jump, ExceptionHYAL® Star
The 2.0 generation Hyaluronans, is made up of a complete spectrum of molecular weights selected according to a precise screening of biological activities.


SelectSIEVE® SlowBeat, SelectSIEVE® OptiChol, SelectSIEVE® Libra, SelectSIEVE® Apple, SelectSIEVE® Rainbow
Designed by Nature itself, these actives have been isolated by 100% Mediterranean matrix through an eco-sustainable process based on soft conditions.

NaturSYN™ Beaulixir

An innovative and safe approach based on the oral administration of natural actives, characterized by endogenous molecules without side effects. It provides an alternative or complementary solution to traditional dermocosmetics approach or hormonal / antibiotics treatments.